Viñas del Vero Celebrates Its 35 Years Committed To Environment Preserving

The winery has presented "Vidas de Viñas Vero" on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.

The winery has presented “Vidas de Viñas Vero” on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. An environmental initiative, which is part of the sustainable reality of González Byass “5 + 5 Caring for the Planet”.

The study of the behavior of birds within the ecosystem and research to achieve a better defense of biodiversity converge in “Vidas de Viñas Vero”, the environmental initiative with which the Viñas del Vero winery, of DO Somontano, celebrates the 35th anniversary of its creation and with which it advances in the SDG “Life and Terrestrial Ecosystems”, one of the four SDGs that the winery group has committed to prioritize.

This long-term project will provide knowledge about nature, in addition to helping to care for the population of various species of birds and insects. In addition, it will make known to the visitors of Viñas del Vero, through a self-guided route, the biological biodiversity that inhabits the Somontano, a region at the foot of the Pyrenees with a great variety of soils, altitudes and microclimates that make this Denomination de Origen is the ideal habitat for a wide range of grape varieties.

The observation of the behavior of the birds in the vineyard and the protection of the biological wealth of the Somontano, join the investigation of the glaciers of the Pyrenees of the first chapter of “Lives”.

The second “Vidas” exhibition, Viñas del Vero’s plan focused on carrying out and supporting sustainable actions, has created, in collaboration with the UECO Association, an itinerary around the winery where nest boxes have been placed in strategic places.

Each of them has been designed to resemble, as much as possible, the natural habitat of the specific species to provide the birds with a comfortable home adapted to their needs.

The objective is thus, in addition to facilitating their nesting, to guarantee that the population of insects and rodents in the vineyards has their natural predators, guaranteeing a natural balance that regulates itself over time.

This work will allow us to know the effect that species that live in this environment have as natural biopesticides in the vineyards, such as the blue tit, scops owl, the vineyard panel, the owl, the swift, the bat, the owl, the robin and the titmouse.

Along with birds, which are proven to be a sustainable and effective remedy against pests in vineyards, there are also insects. For this reason, “Vidas de Viñas Vero” has created an “insect hotel” in an old barrel, which is one more contribution to the defense of the biodiversity of this winery in Barbastro.

The installation of the nest boxes will allow the species that can carry out their work within the ecosystem and will show how they help to preserve nature.

The winery thus goes one step further to mitigate the negative effects for the fauna that the absence of adequate vegetation that allows them to nest entails, with the consequent limitation of the number of different species that would normally inhabit a given area.

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