Two Chinese Scientists Warn Of The Danger Of A New Virus

Two Chinese scientists who warned of the coronavirus now warn of the danger of a new virus. Science pulls experts and seeks solutions to curb the rise of viruses from animals to humans.

Two Chinese scientists, Weifeng Shi and George Fu Gao, have published an article in the journal Science in which they warn that after the coronavirus pandemic another may come: that of the H5N8 flu , also known as bird flu .

“The global spread of H5N8 bird flu viruses is a public health problem,” say Chinese scientists. Gao heads the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Shi is the director of the Reference Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases at Shandong Universities.

Both participated in the identification of Sars-CoV-2 in late 2019, the virus that has caused the devastating coronavirus pandemic. And your prediction for bird flu is not rosy. In his view, H5N8 can cause r “disastrous pandemics” in humanity.

“It is imperative that the global spread and potential risk of H5N8 avian influenza viruses to poultry, wild birds and global public health is not ignored ,” say these scientists.

Last February, cases of bird flu infection were registered in seven employees of a chicken farm in Astrakhan, Russia, which raised all the alarms.

On February 18, Russia notified the World Health Organization of the detection of this bird flu in seven human clinical samples. This was the first reported detection of this virus in humans.

The WHO was cautious in these cases, saying that the risk of human-to-human transmission was low, and in fact did not set any alerts or recommend any precautions about entering and leaving Russia.

Furthermore, at the end of February the European agency ECDC made a risk assessment and also rated it as “low” for workers in the poultry industry and “very low” for the general population.

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