Vox And Bildu Save The Government In Extremis

In a day of vertigo with an image of great weakness before Brussels, the Government has saved ‘in extremis’ the validation of the decree law on the management of European funds thanks to Bildu and a surprise abstention from Vox.

The Basque independence party has distanced itself from the contrary vote of Esquerra Republicana and has agreed with the PSOE to facilitate the approval of the decree after starting a commitment of more weight for the mayors.

For its part, Vox has given the bell after announcing an abstention of its 52 deputies saving for the coalition Government after presenting the Government decree “as the largest client network in the history of Spain” , in the words of Iván Espinosa de los Monteros. He has clarified, however, that his party wants European money to reach Spain. Businesses large and small are watching this money as a gold mine for their order books.

The Vox spokesperson has justified his abstention, so as not to waste time absorbing the money and because the Government has accepted to process the decree as a bill to introduce amendments. Today, surprisingly, certain political groups have tried to delay the distribution of European funds in Spain.

The distribution system has to be amended in a Bill. But every day that passes there is a merchant or hotelier that closes and it is urgent to start now! “, Has justified who usually acts as a special parliamentary whip against the Government.

The hard morning for the PSOE began with the decision of the president of the Popular Party , Pablo Casado , to vote no on the validation this Thursday of the decree for the management of European funds.

With this measure, Casado sends a warning signal to Brussels that there may be misuse of funds in Spain . The opposition leader has claimed in vain in recent months the Sánchez government to create an independent agency to manage funds of up to 150,000 million in the next six years.

In the decree, it is the Presidency of the Government that assumes control. Ciudadanos has made the same decision and the PSOE has been left in the hands of Bildu and a surprise abstention from Vox.

The decision of the PP has complicated at the last minute the approval of this rule, which is key to the credibility of the coalition government in Brussels . The PSOE has encountered unforeseen problems after being displaced by the Republican Esquerra de Catalunya , which announced the day before that it would also vote against .

As this newspaper publishes in its edition today, the PSOE asked Citizens for help , to make up for Esquerra’s fright and even considered trying votes for the Navarrese People’s Union given the difficulty of forming a majority.

“You are making the wrong partners again,” the economic spokesperson for Ciudadanos, María Muñoz , reproached the Socialists during the parliamentary debate, systematically leaving them for the end of any negotiation.

Muñoz has criticized the government’s “veto” of his group’s amendments to improve the transparency of management and has warned that he will not vote in favor. “There is concentration of power in Moncloa that can lead to arbitrariness. Another Plan E, no.” Ciudaanos finally decided to vote against, causing strong nervousness in the PSOE.

The socialist economic spokesman, Pedro Casares, expressly requested Bildu’s support from the rostrum to try to round up a majority. ” I especially thank Mr. Matute,” he said, addressing the Basque independence leader. It has promised to accept Bildu’s request that the Town Councils have more weight in the management of the funds.

The first vice president, Carmen Calvo, previously made an appeal to the “great responsibility” of Parliament to carry out the decree. “It is not to be with the Government, it is to be with the country.” It has been forced to offer its processing as a bill to try to scratch last minute votes.

The PNV spokeswoman, Idoia Sagastizabal, has affirmed that her party “doesn’t like it” because of “the lack of dialogue.” “Where you see co-governance, we see absence,” he reproached Calvo. However, faced with the vertigo of putting European funds at risk, he has announced a willingness to vote in favor “due to responsibility”. “They act as if they had an absolute majority, but once again we will take the fire chestnuts out of them , ” he said, looking at the first vice president.

The parliamentary spokesman for EH Bildu, Oskar Matute, has finally offered to “not block” as long as the wording of the decree law is improved, because he has criticized the “lack of transparency” of the Government with European funds and “the lack of co-governance”.

Elvira Rodríguez has served as a spokesperson for the PP and has affirmed that the decree is “disturbing” and involves “the risk of patronage and corruption.” She has criticized the government’s null attempt at agreement and the concentration of power: “The decisions will be taken in Moncloa, the plan will be approved by the Council of Ministers. ”

The attitude of Vox has unleashed strong criticism from the PP. Its general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, has reacted like this: “The Government did not have the necessary support to approve its Royal Decree …

Until Vox and Bildu arrived and saved the client system that the Government imposes in the distribution of European funds Then they will come with motions of censure, but Vox is a lifesaver for Sánchez. “

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